Crystal lamp air humidifier
Crystal lamp air humidifier
Crystal lamp air humidifier
Crystal lamp air humidifier
Crystal lamp air humidifier
Crystal lamp air humidifier

Crystal lamp air humidifier

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Introducing the ✨Crystal Rose Lamp Humidifier✨ – your perfect blend of elegance. comfort. and romance. all in one exquisite device! 🌹

💧 Atmosphere and Moisture: This incredible gadget serves as both a humidifier and an atmospheric lamp. When you switch it on. it gleams like a precious diamond. casting mesmerizing reflections of blooming roses. The Crystal Rose Lamp is the epitome of simplicity. luxury. comfort. and romance. making it an ideal addition to your home. bedroom. living room. or as a captivating table decoration.

🏡 Pleasant Room Atmosphere: Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom. living room. or office with its three adjustable light modes. Simply tap the button to transition between white light. warm white light. and warm light modes. The soft and warm illumination won't dazzle your eyes. ensuring a cozy atmosphere that's perfect for a good night's sleep.

💨 Fine Mist Volume: Equipped with a generous 1000ml water tank that produces nanometer-sized water particles as delicate as smoke. this humidifier offers two spray modes. With a quick two-second press. you can activate continuous spray mode. Press the button again for two seconds to switch to intermittent spray mode. and a third press will turn off all spray modes.

🤫 Low Noise: Our low-noise humidifier operates almost silently. ensuring it won't disturb your peaceful slumber or work. Not only does it maintain a tranquil environment. but it also effectively moisturizes dry skin. reducing the discomfort of skin peeling.

🎁 Great Gift Idea: With power-off protection and the option for automatic shut-off after 6 or 10 hours of intermittent use. this humidifier is an excellent Christmas gift. It's the perfect present for family. friends. and loved ones who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics.

Product Information:

  • 📐 Applicable Area: 10-20m²
  • 💧 Water Tank Capacity: 1000ml
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Applicable for Home Use
  • 🌟 Functions: Atmosphere Lamp. Small Night Light. Humidifier
  • 💨 Number of Fog Outlets: 1
  • 🔄 Operation Mode: Mechanical
  • 🚫 Water Shortage and Power Failure Protection: Not Supported
  • 🔌 Power Mode: USB
  • 🤫 Noise: Below 36dB
  • ⚡ Rated Voltage: ≤ 36V (V)
  • 🔌 Rated Power: 5W
  • 🛠️ Material: Plastic

💡 Features:

  • Nanometer water particles penetrate and moisturize dehydrated skin. relieving dry eye fatigue.
  • The large 1000ml water tank ensures extended use without frequent refills.

📦 Packing List:

  • 1× Humidifier

Add a touch of elegance. comfort. and romance to your space with the Crystal Rose Lamp Humidifier! Don't miss out on this captivating blend of functionality and style. 💖✨

Crystal Lamp Air Humidifier


Crystal Lamp Air Humidifier          
Crystal Lamp Air Humidifier